‘Mysterious object’ on train causes chaos at Bhopal station

Bhopal, Nov 25 (IANS) The discovery of a mysterious object at Habibganj railway station of then Madhya Pradesh capital city on Friday created chaos, but on investigation it was found to be just another iron rod.

According to the State Railway Police, the Kurla-Habibganj to and fro train was being cleaned on Friday afternoon when the mysterious heavy iron rod was discovered in coach number S-11.

The iron rod was taped at the ends due to which the cleaners thought it to be an explosive and called the Government Railway Police (GRP).

“After the discovery, the GRP evacuated Platform 2 of Habibganj Station and a bomb defusing squad and dog squad were summoned,” an official said.

Upon investigation by the bomb squad, the object turned out to be a mere 3-foot long iron rod, officials added.

The GRP suspects this to be someone’s mischief.