Mystic Sufi music awaits you at Sama (Lead, correcting name in intro)

Mumbai, Nov 11 (IANS) Practiced across different parts of the world, Sufi music that has an array of genres and is based on the common philosophy of transcending into the spiritual realm with Sama, is being celebrated in an ongoing festival here.

The three-day long festival, titled “Sama-The Mystic Ecstasy”, at the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) till November 13, comprises a cinematic representation of the journey of Sufia Kalam, Rajasthani Sufi Folk music, whirling dervishes and contemporary Sufi songs.

“Sama has been an attempt by NCPA to celebrate Sufi music traditions from across the world on one stage. It is a festival of spiritual ecstasy complete with songs, dances and music that allows the audience to experience the true mysticism of Sufism,” NCPA programming chief (Indian Music) Suvarnalata Rao said.

“Sufi music is practiced in different regions of the world through myriad genres. Through Sama, we endeavor to bring to our audiences varied and truly immersive experiences,” she added.

Sama opened with a 50-minute documentary, “Mann Faqeeri” by M.K Raina, the renowned theatre actor and director. It explores the evolution of Sufiyana Kalam.

The festival will see a riveting performance of Sama Ayins, (whirling prayer ceremonies) in its original form by the Semazen, whirling dervishes. The performance is an attempt to feel one with God through three stages which include knowing God, seeing God and uniting with God,” the organisers said.

The third day will see a rendition of contemporary and popular Sufi songs by the versatile Rekha Bhardwaj. Her presentation will include a bouquet of sufiana compositions from traditional repertoire and also songs based from Bollywood.