Mysuru prince Yaduveer posts picture lamenting litterbugs who trashed the place during Dasara celebrations

Mysuru,Oct14:Moments after the Dasara festivities ended in Karnataka, Mysuru’s titular ‘Maharaja’ Yaduveer Wadiyar shared an Instagram post to show the sorry aftermath of the celebrations.

In a post shared on October 11, he called out citizens who callously left waste all over the iconic Mysore Palace premises and commented: “Hope this blatant disregard to our most sacred building is not an annual feature.”

The Palace Durbar hall is seen in one photo littered with plastic bottles and plates, aluminum containers and brown paper bags.

“We cannot take our cleanest city tag seriously when the very Icon of our city is treated in this manner,” he wrote. Mysuru has been ranked as the cleanest city in India for two years now.

The festivities, which saw a spectacular procession of caparisoned elephants moving five kilometers from the palace to Bannimantapa in Mysuru, has left huge deposits of garbage.
“When will the people understand that the Palace Durbar hall is not a theatre. Never has anyone at any point been allowed to consume food at the durbar hall, let alone throw around their trash like some theatre. (Not that we should throw trash around in a theatre),” the royal said on Instagram.

“We should understand at some point that we must preserve the sanctity of our sacred festival, our great city, and its landmarks,” he remarked.

The post has since received several reactions and comments.

“Such a shame!” said one commenter. “It’s also a pity to see centuries old boarded floors being sullied upon. I guess, this only reflects the lack of culture of those who occupied the seats, whoever they are,” said another.