Mythological tales with a twist of imagination

New Delhi, Jan 11 (IANS) Paintings that are recognizable as they depict mythological tales with a twist of imagination and are similar to thoughts of mankind and nature await every art connoisseur at an ongoing exhibition here.

The show titled, “Magic Melody, Song of Love” by artist Kishore Roy is on for view at Lalit Kala Akademi till January 19.

These paintings embrace history, illustrations, and fables. The artist has tried to explore deities of Hindu pantheon, animals, multitudes of Gopis and Radha, and spirituality in one series.

Different motifs are imprinted on the bodies of various protagonists. Kishore Roy’s illustrations majorly talk about nature through the medium of acrylic on canvas.

“Imagination provides a rich source of inspiration for artistic expression. My paintings have been inspired from fables that have been brought across with a twist of imagination,” Roy told IANS.

“The series is a symphony of love and beauty. Through my works, I have tried to make others feel that life is worth living,” he said.

One of the paintings depicts Krishna, enchanting birds, beasts and the hearts of human with his flute. Many such illustrations can be observed in Roy’s paintings. It suffuses viewers with affection, and empathy.

The artist’s take on Krishna is full of rasa and his techniques are contemporary, but the inspiration is timeless.

The luminous colours used are the kind not commonly found in nature, always subtly modulated.