Nanavati resident doctor arrested on charges of sexual assault of patient

Mumbai,Dec16:A resident doctor at Nanavati hospital in Juhu was arrested on Wednesday for sexually assaulting a patient in the intensive care unit six months ago.

The 28-year-old patient said in her police complaint that Dr Kayan Siodia had put his finger in her vagina on the pretext of examining her. She was admitted to the hospital from June 5 after overdosing on sleeping pills, the police said.

“She has said that the doctor told her that it was part of the treatment,” the police said.

The Santa Cruz police have booked Siodia under section 376C (d) of the India Penal Code, which concerns rape by a doctor. It carries a minimum punishment of six years’ imprisoNanvati doctornment and a maximum of ten years.

Siodia spent a night in the lockup and was sent to Arthur Road jail on Thursday. He has been training to be a cardiologist at the hospital for the past two years.

The woman did not apparently want to file a complaint, but eventually did so because she said the accused had continued to call her and ask her for sexual favours, the police said. Siodia’s two lawyers declined to comment.

For its part, the Balabhai Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, as it is officially called, said that it was cooperating fully with the investigation. “Though the hospital acknowledges the high professional ethics and fine track record of the doctor in question, we are carrying out [a] departmental inquiry to ascertain the facts and suitable action would be initiated as per the standard protocols,” it said in a statement.

In her complaint, the patient said that Siodia usually accompanied his senior, Dr Manoj Patel, to her ICU ward, which has two beds. Once the patient on the other bed had been discharged, Siodia came to the ward on June 8, three days after she had been admitted, and asked her what had made her overdose on the pills, according to the complaint.

When she told him she had been feeling low following a suicide in her family, Siodia examined and assaulted her, the complaint further said. She was released from the hospital soon afterwards.

Although the whole hospital is covered by a CCTV, it does not save the footage for more than a month. “We wish to categorically state that safety and security of every patient is our outmost priority and responsibility, and the same will not be compromised under any circumstances,” the hospital’s statement also said.