NASA warns of massive cosmic tsunami Perzizus: Could swallow earth in seconds 

NASA warns of massive cosmic tsunami Perzizus: Could swallow earth in seconds.

Washington DC/USA, May 9: Scientists are warning of the possibility of a cosmic tsunami capable of swallowing the earth altogether. Scientists at NASA warn that the massive cosmic tsunami that originated in the solar system called Perzizus near our Milky Way galaxy would become a threat to the whole earth.

It is not very easy to calculate how fearsome the cosmic tsunami of two lakh light years is. This deadly dangerous Tsunami is twice that of the galaxy that contains earth and other planets. This means that it have the capacity to destroy the whole earth within seconds.

This shocking research information is published in the journal of the Royal Astronomical Society. This energy flow is believed to have originated since the Percyz planet collided with another small solar system hundreds of millions years ago.

Stephen Walker of NASA’s Godard Space Flight Center says that as it is an unusually bright solar system, these operations are on the X-ray motion system called Chandra.

Another concern is that the size of the cosmic tsunami discovered in the Percyz’s solar system is still expanding. The cracks in the earth’s magnetic field were one of the fears of the past year too. The fear was that the disastrous cosmic waves would land on Earth through this crack.