Nataraja Sastry the new-agey 63-year-old priest organzie harmony meet through Facebook

Chennai, June 11: C.R. Nataraja Sastry, the head priest of Kamakshi Temple in Kancheepuram is a a tech savvy who is breaking the stereotype or you may say old school traditions with adopting social; media to conduct the harmonies.

Nataraj, 63-year-old organizes communal harmony of people from different faiths through ‘Facebook Sangamam’. Yes, you read it right, this priest uses nothing other than Facebook in order to organize a communcal gathering in order to spread religiios awareness.

In Chennai, A Temple Priest Is Organising A Facebook Meet To Spread Harmony

“While I started out by listening to people’s grievances and pondering over social subjects, even offering prayers for some, I wanted to do something more. I wanted to make use of the platform,” Sastry told The News Minute. He also added “a religious shrine is the one place where vibes of positivity are emitted. Be it a church, a mosque or an Amman temple, the vibes emitted are one. The main entity is one,” explains Sastry. “The very same way, there is no scope for negativity in this Sangamam too,”.

Nataraj joined facebook back in 2011 and currently has over 5,000 friends and 1,800 followers.

According to reports in News Minute, ”In 2015, he organised an informal gathering, branding it ‘Facebook Sangamam’, which saw over 300 people from the neighbourhood take part. The Sangamam which lasted from 9am to 2pm, included a variety activities ranging from sessions on spiritual discourses to remedial gatherings to providing opportunities for employment. While doing all this and more, Sastry was particular about the convention being absolutely secular.”

Sastry is using Facebook to spread his vision. “I have a great sense of compassion for my fellow beings. It may extend to every creature in the world. We should take positive things from religious texts,” he said. The Facebook Sangamam will be end with a Kerala-style feast. However, Sastry’s idea never ends. “There are places where people can buy Kancheepuram silk sarees directly from the weavers. Those interested may join me,” he said to TOI.