Natarajan’s Liver, Kidney transplant: Did accident victim Karthik shifted to hospital 350 Kms away in brain-dead state?

Chennai/Tamil Nadu, October 5: In any circumstance, shifting a patient to a faraway place who is in the brain-dead state, without the consent of police is illegal.

The incident of taking this brain-dead accident victim from Thanjavur to Chennai gains considerable significance as rumours are spreading that Natarajan had undergone organ transplant surgery, that too from a teen donor.

Sasikala’s husband Natarajan underwent Liver and Kidney transplantation on Wednesday. The organs are reportedly taken from a teen accident victim.

Meanwhile, the Gleneagles Global Health City denies this information.

But the fact that a youth named Karthik, an accident victim in brain-dead stage had been shifted from the hospital against medical advice, is even proven with the statement from the same hospital.

The statement also says that after treatment at Gleneagles Global Health City, Karthik was declared brain dead on October 3. And after counselling, his family gave consent for organ donation.

The statement from the Gleneagles Global Health City reads, “Karthik, a young gentleman from Thanjavur, was admitted to the local hospital on Sept 30 with severe head injuries and associated injuries like a long bone fracture. The doctors at the hospital apprised the family of his poor outcome. Against the medical advice, the family decided to move him to a private hospital for a second opinion and specialised care.”

This makes it evident that Karthik was moved from Government Medical College Hospital, Thanjavur to Gleneagles Global Health City against medical advice.

There are many doubts arising from several corners of the society including media. Reportedly, he was brought in an air ambulance from Thanjavur to Chennai on Monday Night. The approximate distance from Thanjavur to Chennai is 350 Kms.

How a critically injured accident victim could be shifted from the Government Medical College Hospital, Thanjavur to any place without informing the police and why?

Gleneagles Global Health City states that Natarajan got the in-house organ donation as he was the first on the waiting list.

If it is not a true information, it only means that financially backward patients have to be on the list, only on the list forever, said the state BJP president Tamilisai Soundararjan.

Even though Sasikala pleaded for 15-days parole on Tuesday, the court denied it. Natarajan’s surgery was on Wednesday. But no such information was there on the parole application that Natarajan is going to undergo such a major surgery. Was it deliberately hidden?