Nation witnesses more crime reports as BJP ascended the throne: Congress

Nation witnesses more crime reports as BJP ascended the throne: Opposition

New Delhi, August 7: BJP-RSS in a statement said that Kerala has turned to be a native of violent activities. And the Presidential rule must come into power to establish peace in the state. But according to National Crime records, states under the BJP rule come first among the list of committing heinous crimes, say media reports.

The same has been noted by the Central Government. In the name of ‘cow protection’, several attacks, murders, communal riots, molestation, kidnapping, theft are being reported from states under BJP rule that include Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, etc.

Suresh Kumar Khanna, the member of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly has mentioned about the rise in the number of crimes witnessed by Uttar Pradesh state within a short period of time. As reported by media, he declared that within two months time, the state has reported 729 murder cases, 803 molestation cases, 2682 kidnapping cases and 799 theft cases.

The opposition alleged that BJP’s promise before PM Narendra Modi came into the power of establishing peace in the state has been proved the opposite. Members of the opposition state that all the heinous crimes in the state have been increasing at an alarming rate with the leadership of Yogi Adityanath through his extremist and militant Hindu youth group ‘Hindu Yuva Vahini’. The Opposition claims that in the name of ‘cow protection’, BJP government has extended all their support to those groups who are planned to attack and eradicate Muslim and Dalit community. They state that in most of the cases the culprits are not seized, instead victims are being arrested for illegally trafficking cows to the slaughterhouse.

According to reports from, 97% of the crimes were reported in the name of ‘cow protection’ after Modi Government came into power. 23 were murdered among the 63 violent incidents reported under ‘cow protection’.

Other crime reports have been increased after Modi Government ascended the throne in May 2014. According to National Crime Records Bureau, in 2015, 4391 cases from Madhya Pradesh, 4144 from Maharashtra, 3644 from Rajasthan have been reported under molestation. If this is allowed to continue, the crime reports to be registered in the future would be catastrophic.

In the name of executing law and order, many laymen have been shot to death from the states ruled by BJP. In 2016, 22 common people were fired by police officials in Haryana. 11 were gunned down by police in Maharashtra. Crime rates against women are also increasing day by day in the country in general, and from Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan in particular.