National Green Tribunal allows Delhi government to go ahead with odd-even scheme

Only CNG vehicles to be allowed to ply at Delhi Airport, orders National Green Tribunal.

New Delhi, November 11: After many arguments, the National Green Tribunal on Saturday gave permission to the Delhi government to begin the off-even scheme from November 13. The odd-even scheme will not be exempted or two-wheelers, government servants or women.The vehicles carrying solid waste, fire brigade, ambulance, vehicles carrying emergent repairs will be exempted.

The National Green Tribunal directed all the neighboring state governments and departments to ensure complete mechanism during environmental emergency and do not wait for crisis situation to take place. The green panel also  directed various departments and executing agencies for better cooperation and coordination including Delhi police.

The National Green Tribunal asked the Delhi government that when the statistics indicated that rain  will lead to a fall in pollution levels, why there was no action taken? The National Green Tribunal further asked that if odd-even car rationing scheme is being implemented with consent of both LG and Delhi Government.

It also questioned that why the off-even scheme was not introduced when the air quality was worse? The green panel asked the government to show the letter on basis of which the decision was taken.

The Central Pollution Board gave a warning to the Delhi Government about the pollution problem but the Delhi Government said that no such information was given by the Central Pollution Board.

The green panel observed that the most worrying part is that there is no cooperation between various departments of government.

The National Green Tribunal questioned the  Delhi Government that the hike in parking fees would not benefit the people instead it will only  help in gaining profit to the parking lots and it would stress people even further. This will result in parking the vehicles on the roads.

Even at the fourth day in Delhi, the air quality remained severe but there was improvement in terms of both visibility and reduction in particulate matter with the city appearing much clearer post noon.

The Air Quality Index was recorded at 468 on Friday that reduced from around 486 on Thursday,  which was the highest level recorded this year. The emergency measures were started in the city like stopping trucks from entering the capital, hiked parking fees and ban on construction and industrial activities.

The weather department is predicting light rainfall in the day which may clear the smog enveloping in Delhi. According to the Indian Meteorological department, the humidity levels in Delhi increased to about 91 per cent in the morning.