National still hasn’t managed to muster up enough votes :Jacinda Ardern and Bill English tussle it out in NZ election

National still hasn't managed to muster up enough votes :Jacinda Ardem and Bill English tussle it out in NZ election

Auckland,Sept23:With a third of the vote counted, things are looking good for National.

It’s sitting on 46.4 percent, with Labour on 35.9, NZ First on 7.2 and Greens on 6.2, and the latest Newshub update brought cheers from those at National’s HQ.

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By seat count, National still hasn’t managed to muster up enough to govern alone. Even with ACT’s help, it’s still only got 58 seats out of the 61 needed for a majority.

It’ll need NZ First’s help to make it over the line – but the same goes for the Labour-Greens coalition.

Mr Peters has repeatedly said he’ll be negotiating with who he wants to, not which party gets the most votes first.

Newshub election live updates: National's comfortable lead with 35 percent counted
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8:45pm: Things are heating up in Auckland Central – the seat Jacinda Ardern couldn’t win.

She may be Labour’s leader now and sitting comfortably in the stronghold of Mt Albert (currently 5000 votes ahead of her National competitor, with 30 percent counted), but last election she was battling for Auckland Central.

There’s a pitched battle raging in the electorate now and the race is too close to call.

With 23 percent of the vote counted, National’s Nikki Kaye is digging in and holding on with a mere 250 vote lead over Labour’s Helen White.

Coming in third is the Green’s Denise Roche, almost 2000 votes behind Ms Kaye.

As the count keeps going, the lead is constantly changing. Who will claim the seat remains to be seen.

8:36pm: Winston Peters is at risk of losing his Northland seat, but you wouldn’t be able to tell if you were at the NZ First HQ in Russell.

Newshub’s John-Michael Swannix says the mood is “jubilant” and people are “pretty stoked”.

“They’re optimistic it’s going to get better for them,” he says.

Northland had been a National stronghold before Mr Peters claimed victory. This election it’s tight. With 15 percent of the vote counted, National’s Matt King is leading over Mr Peters by around 100 votes.

Mr Peters’ brother and the party’s Northland electorate chairperson Jim Peters wanted to remind Newshub it’s previously been a strong National seat.

“To retain the seat in full election mode was always going to be tough,” he said.

With 28 percent of the vote counted, NZ First is sitting at 7.1 percent. Both Labour and National still need its help if they’re to form a majority.

“The final fight at midnight will still be in the hands of New Zealand First,” Jim Peters said.