Nazia Amin Mohammad from Pakistan sings Malare from Premam, her tribute to Malayalee friends goes viral on facebook

Nazia Amin Mohammad.

Karachi, October 31: The Malare song from the Malayalam film premam is one among the hit songs from the Malayalam film Industry.

Here a Pakistani national named Nazia Amin Mohammad, has now became famous after she posted he attempt to sing the MAlare song from Premam.

Her intention was to to pay tribute to her Malayalee friends which had gone viral on the social media. To make this tribute more impressive, she had recorded a video of herself singing Malare song. After posting the video on the facebook, she got huge number of appreciation from the many people.

“Since I have met so many friends from Kerala, India and Dubai, it’s my wish to dedicate a Malayali song for you people,” Nazia’s says as an introduction before the song. She had also apologised in advance for pronunciation errors she might make while singing.

Nazia Amin Mohammad had sung the song very well evnthough she gets her tongue twisted in a few places with the Malayalam lyrics. Then we could find her laughing at her own mistake. Even then she has managed to complete the first stanza of the song.

Despite some negligible mistakes, Nazia Amin Mohammad, who hails from Karachi, has nailed the song. She has sung the song so beautifully and with so much of innocence. this innocence actually made her video which became a hit and had gone viral on the social media and still receiving a lot of attention from several media houses.

Nazia is a business development executive, based in Dubai. Her post was first shared by her friend on Facebook and is now going viral. She has got many comments and shares for her post. Several comments below the facebook post tries to say that music has no boundaries.