‘Need to make mathematics learning innovative and interesting’

New Delhi, Dec 22 (IANS) Super 30 founder and noted mathematician Anand Kumar on Thursday said that mathematics should be taught in more innovative and interesting way “to lay emphasis on concept building in students from an early age”.

“It should be made a movement to develop interest about the subject among the students and for this good teachers should be developed. The state and the central governments should also work towards it through a concrete programme,” said Kumar at a special lecture to mark the birth anniversary of mathematics legend Srinivas Ramajuan.

“What is important is to let students explore and encourage them to do develop understanding. For this graphs and diagrams could be very useful as well as understanding. Mathematics touches lives in innumerable ways.”

Kumar added that the best tribute to the legend would can be given by popularise mathematics.

He also demonstrated before the students how a concept can be used to solve different mathematical problems of any kind – be it of algebra, trigonometry or geometry.

“It should not be taught through rote learning method, rather it should be made enjoyable for the younger generation,” he said, emphasising on tapping enormous potential in children.

“Many of them lose interest due to sheer lack of opportunities to learn it the way they should. It is time to take a look into our education system, because interest for mathematics needs to be identified and nurtured in children,” he added.