NEET Suicide: Rajnikanth, Kamal expresses grief over Dalit girl Anitha’s death

Supreme Court refuses urgent hearing on plea seeking judicial probe into Anitha's death. Photo: Twitter

Chennai/Tamil Nadu, September 2: Anitha, the Tamil Nadu girl who fought against National Eligibility and Entrance Test committed suicide on Friday. Anita headed the campaign against National Eligibility and Entrance Test after losing a medical seat due to poor scores in the exam. Anita, the 19-year old topper argued in the  Supreme Court that the National Eligibility and Entrance Test could not be the only basis for admission in a medical college.

Both the Tamil superstars Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan expressed grief over the incident. According to media reports, Kamal Hassan told that he was deeply upset with the incident. He said that Anitha committed suicide because there was no exemption in National Eligibility and Entrance Test. Kamal Hassan is likely to visit the village of Anitha on Sunday. Kamal Hassan said that “We should see that no student takes the drastic measure in future. Do not be dejected, this is not the end. We will fight for justice and will win.”

While, Rajnikanth tweeted that “What has happened to Anitha is extremely unfortunate. My heart goes out to all the pain and agony she would have undergone before taking this drastic step. My condolences to her family.” The suicide also provoked a debate on the education policy of the state government. MK Stalin, the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam  blamed the Tamil Nadu and the Modi government for the suicide of the teenager.

While TTV Dinakaran, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam wrote in a letter that if late chief minister Jayalalithaa was around, injustices like National Eligibility and Entrance Test would never have taken place. TTV Dinakaran also preached the value of inner strength and said that “problems disappointments will keep coming – that is the way of the world. Develop the strength of mind needed to face them. Opportunities will keep coming your way in various forms. Keep in mind the old Tamil proverb – when one door closes, a thousand windows will open. Those who have talent and are willing to work hard will succeed anyhow.  Suicide is not the solution, it only causes distress to parents and society.”

At the same time, the parents of the student denied to receive her body after post-mortem. According to media sources, protests were reported from her native village. According to reliable sources, Bharatiya Janata Party leaders H Raja and Nirmala Seetharaman have been facing the wrath of the locals following the suicide. Due to protests, security is there outside Bhartiya Janata Party Tamil Nadu office and residence of advocate Nalini Chidambaram. Several students and Dalit organisations are planning for massive protests today.