Netanyahu to be questioned over alleged corruption

Tel Aviv, Jan 2 (IANS) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was expected to be questioned on Monday over two separate corruption allegations, after the Prosecutor General’s Office asked the police to carry out an investigation.

According to Voice of Israel radio station, Netanyahu’s questioning will be carried out at his residence in Jerusalem and it is set to have no time limit, Efe news reported.

A black screen has been reportedly place in front of the Prime Minister’s residence aimed at keeping out the media.

Netanyahu was suspected of receiving significant gifts from Israeli and foreign businessmen, in a manner which breached his duty of trust as a public servant, the Jerusalem Post said.

In a cabinet meeting on Sunday, Netanyahu responded to numerous attacks from opposition figures criticising him over the corruption allegations.

“I suggest that the opposition calm down,” Netanyahu said at the opening of a cabinet meeting.

His party, the right-wing Likud, called the investigation an “orchestrated campaign” to undermine his leadership.

Likud leader David Amsallem said he would propose a bill to block future investigations of sitting prime ministers as the law is in some other countries such as France.