There you have it :Netizens gift PM Modi his own 2017 calender

:Netizens gift PM Modi his own 2017 calender

NewDelhi,Dec22:  And there you have it.Netizens are so impressed with PM Narendra Modi and his policies that they decided to dedicate the PM with his own 2017 calender.

The PM is credited for spearheading the Bharath Swachh Abhiyan

He is especially jubilant in education and support of the girl child

He is extremely conscious of improvement in defence technology for country’s growth and sovereignty

The PM also launched schemes for the elderly like Jan Dhan Yojna and pension schemes

The PM is a massive promoter of yoga and spiritual life in India and the world

He has a definite vision for the country’s growth

Along with going forward the PM takes care that the heritage of India is not lost and destroyed

He is a common man’s PM.Extending a helping hand to the little guy.

He believes in change through mass movement

He hold pride in being the voice of the all Indians

India’s rise as a world power is his hope!