New Android Pi wireless charging technology could charge up to four phones within a short distance

New Android Pi wireless charging technology could charge up to four phones within a short distance. Photo: Twitter

California/United States, September 19: The international Pi company called out that the world’s first wireless charger that does away with cords or mats to charge devices is developed by the company on Monday. According to official sources, Lixin Shi the Pi chief technology officer and he co-created the charger with MacDonald said that the Pi chargers are almost size of a small table vase and the conical creation in the charges smartphones with magnetic waves. The magnetic fields are are an ideal way to safely send energy to portable electronics.

According to media reports from the Agence France-Presse, Lixin Shi said that the magic was bending magnetic waves to find smartphones. But the most difficult part was figuring out how to make magnetic charging more flexible, multi-device and extend its useful range. It took almost an year to complete the mathematical proof that makes it all possible. Lixin Shu and MacDonald figured out how to shape the magnetic field so energy could be beamed to smartphones placed or in use within a foot of a Pi.

Lixin Shu and MacDonald graduated from the the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and after discussing about the idea, started to collaborate on the project about 3.5 years ago. MacDonald said that the magnetic fields of Pi are relatively weak, but would allow the devices to be charged at full speed. A combination of smartphones and tablets could wirelessly charge on a desk if a Pi were placed near people working together.MacDonald promised that Pi devices would begin shipping next year and be priced below $200.

(Inputs from AFP)