New Apple Leak Reveals 3 Next Gen Iphones This Year

Apple iPhone 8
iPhone 8 concept based on recent leaks shows how the return of glass would look. Image credit: ConceptsiPhone

New York, March 6: On the year 2017 Apple iPhone gets a major upgrade.

We already know about its progressive redesign, but now there are further details on what could be its most outstanding new feature – and the additional cost it brings.

The 5.8-inch Apple iPhone 8 with an organic light-emitting diode(OLED) display — that may be called ‘iPhone X’ — is reportedly being launched along 2 other devices — updated Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus (with brand names as Apple iPhone 7S and Apple iPhone 7S Plus), a media report said.

As per the reports on the financial newspaper Nikkei, Apple will withdraw the top and bottom bezels to make Apple iPhone 8 smaller than the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

The report also claimed that priced at $1,000, Apple iPhone 8 will be the most expensive smartphone Apple has ever released.

Apple’s eye watering expensive new MacBook Pro range also shows the company isn’t fear to increase the prices if it thinks the products are worth it.

In last month, a report claimed that out of the  5.8-inch display, only 5.15-inch would be usable. The rest of the space would feature a “function area”.

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 introduce wireless charging across its upcoming iPhone ranges. This will double up with fast wired charging. But, On the contrary, the introduction of wireless charging will lead to price hikes.

The company was also planning to introduce a new connector type for accessories for the iPhone, iPad and other devices through its official Made-for-iPhone (MFi) licensing programme.

Called ‘Ultra Accessory Connector’ (UAC), the 8-pin connector is slightly less thick than USB-C and near half as wide as both USB-C and Lightning.

Anyway, the pressure for Apple to perform in 2017 has stepped up after Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks revealed Samsung is also planning a significant smartphone redesign and Google will be back with the second generation of its impressive Pixel and Pixel XL.

–With IANS Inputs