New book of quotes evokes passion and creativity

New Delhi, Jan 23 (IANS) A self-explanatory book that teaches us to build a life of passion and nourish relationships and cultivate innovation of colours and creativity has just been launched here recently.

“The Road To Infinity” written by Tanbir Dhingra, is a compilation of quotations that reveal a deep longing for greater sense of meaning, happiness and contentment.

According to the author, the book can help to create enchanting thoughts that incorporate the classic tools of transformation into simple philosophy of living.

“My book helped me transform my life for the better as it will for you. The book will help all my readers to gain wisdom towards what life is. It has its entire focus on self exploration of ones journey through life and baked quotes conscious,” Dhingra said during the launch on Saturday evening.

“This is not just another book that should find its way to the self-help shelf; rather it’s a coach to motivate you and a best friend to inspire you forever.”

Well-known film and television actor Karan Kundra was also present at the launch.

“The book being written by a youngster motivates us to encourage young talent. It is not just my pleasure but also my responsibility to help encourage such young talent,” Kundra said.

“I want Tanbir Dhingra to set a benchmark for other people inorder to thrive towards creativity,” he added.