New Made for Google” program to rival Apple’s

Rivalling  Apple which has the MFi program for approving iOS device accessories. One might say that the program is designed more to earn money and control accessory sales more than keep accessory quality high.The result is a consistently high level of quality and function for Apple-certified accessories.

Google looks to be planning to get into the same game with a “Made for Google” program for approved accessories. It will give the company more control over the quality and components of third-party accessories, though we hope that Google won’t take as much control as Apple and approved third-party accessories will be reasonably priced.

The biggest concern when buying third-party accessories these days is chargers and cables. With the release of USB Type-C, safe charging accessories have become a very real concern. We already have USB-IF certification for cables and chargers to make sure they are safe and comply with USB specification, but having Google’s recognizable logo on the accessories will go a long way in making sure everyone uses safe accessories.