New Oracle cloud data solution to boost real-time analytics

New Delhi, Feb 14 (IANS) Expanding its Oracle Cloud Platform’s data integration offering, the US cloud major on Tuesday launched Oracle Data Integrator Cloud which simplifies and accelerates cross-enterprise data integration to support real-time analytics.

With the launch, the organisations can improve their agility by deploying projects more quickly, reduce risk with an open, non-proprietary technology, and reduce costs with better productivity.

“Oracle Data Integrator Cloud provides businesses with a high-performance, simple and integrated cloud service to execute data transformations where the data lies, with no hand coding required, and without having to copy data unnecessarily,” Jeff Pollock, Vice President of Product Management at Oracle, said in a statement.

Oracle Data Integrator Cloud helps organisations improve productivity, reduce development costs and lower total cost of ownership by facilitating better data movement and transformation between Oracle and non-Oracle systems, data sources and applications.

The new offering is fully integrated with Oracle’s Platform as a service (PaaS) offerings, including Oracle Database Cloud, Oracle Database Exadata Cloud and Oracle Big Data Cloud.

Oracle also delivers pre-built integration for non-Oracle solutions, allowing users to seamlessly switch between underlying Big Data technologies.