New poster from Remo‬ hints for the first look, ‪‎SivaKarthikeyan‬ with a nurse dress & heels

Ever since the name of the movie was announced, all Sivakarthikeyan fans have been excited to know more about the actor’s role in Remo.

The Rajinimurugan actor and music composer Anirudh Ravichander have dropped teaser videos where they promised that the first look will be a real surprise for his fans. Now that the first look is finally out we are really really surprised.

What!? Sivakarthikeyan plays a woman in Remo!? Yes, that’s the first thing that will go through your mind when you look at the poster. The comedian turned hero is dressed as a nurse in a white uniform and a nurse’s cap.

His face looks really dolled up as he has real smooth skin, with painted full lips and hazel coloured eyes and perfectly shaped eyebrows, leaving no doubt that this is indeed a woman. However, the actor does not really have a very effeminate face, so the lady get up looks a little unconvincing.