New Rs. 100: Reserve Bank of India to introduce notes in new design with improved security features

New Rs. 100: Reserve Bank of India to introduce notes in new design with improved security features.

New Delhi, October 4: New Rs. 100 would be introduced soon by the Reserve Bank of India. Reportedly RBI is planning to start printing the new 100 rupee notes by next April.

The new notes would certainly be an upgradation from the current one and the new note would be different in design also. The current 100 rupee note would remain valid and those it would be gradually withdrawn after introducing the new notes.

The existing notes, which will remain tenable with the introduction of the new note, will be gradually phased out, reports have said. The RBI, which redesigns notes from time to time to ensure elimination of fake ones, recently added improved security features to the Rs 50 note, too.

According to reliable sources, the RBI had added certain revised security features in the new 100 rupee note. This would ensure removal of fake notes from time to time as it also comes in a different design.

Though it was reported that RBI has launched new Rs 200 note in August, the note is not yet made easily available to the common people. The Rs. 200 note was introduced to help to ease transactions.

The Rs.200 note which is yellowish-orange in colour is 66 mm x 146mm sized. The printing of Rs 200 note is likely to end by March 2018. RBI would solely focus on the production of new Rs 100 note, once the printing of Rs. 200 note is over.

On November 8th, 8 PM in the night, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. This demonetisation was intended to curb the menace of black money and to control the circulation of fake notes from the Indian economy.