New way of drug trafficking racket exposed after catching a pigeon smuggling drugs in Kuwait

New way of drug trafficking racket exposed after catching a pigeon smuggling drugs in Kuwait

Kuwait,May29: Pigeons have been used as messengers in wars and for peace as well since centuries, and recently there have been instances of the birds being captured by security forces in India while flying across the border from Pakistan for carrying messages potentially dangerous for national security.

But now it seems that after employing various tactics to traffic contraband substances, elements dealing in narcotics have found use for pigeons. Customs authorities in Kuwait exposed a shocking new way of drug trafficking when they caught a pigeon smuggling 178 ecstasy pills wrapped around it.

Reports suggest that the ability of pigeons to fly 150 km at a stretch and carry 10 percent of their body weight has led to them being increasingly used for smuggling drugs across borders.

After swallowing drugs and hiding them in almost everything from food items to sculptures, this seems to be the latest ploy by traffickers.
Before high-speed internet and near instantaneous correspondence over long distances, there was the humble homing pigeon that ferried messages for up to approximately 100 miles (160.9 kilometers).
But these days, homing pigeons appear to have been repurposed for more dastardly deeds, such as smuggling illegal drugs.
Kuwaiti customs captured a pigeon last May 23 which carried 178 pills of illegal substances. The items were encased in what appeared to be a tiny “backpack” strapped to the animal’s back, Al-Rai (via Al Arabiya) reported.

Employees of the Kuwaiti customs department have been tracking the homing pigeon that was believed to have come all the way from Iraq. The bird was finally seized above a building near the customs’ department.
As of this writing, Kuwaiti officials have yet to identify what type of drugs were retrieved, but one thing’s for sure, this bird’s drug muling days are over