Newborn baby holding a birth control device goes viral on social media

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New Delhi,May5: A picture of a newborn baby holding a birth control device has gone viral on social media, raising many questions.

After the picture found way on the internet, questions were raised on the authenticity of the image.

Lucy Hellein, the mother of the new born named Dexter Tyler has clarified that the photo she shared on her Facebook profile, showing her baby boy holding the contraceptive coil is genuine.

It is said that Hellein conceived just three weeks after having the Mirena brand intrauterine birth control device (IUD) fitted. Mirena is a brand of intrauterine device which releases a hormone that stops the woman conceiving but in this case it didn’t work.

Hellein told First Coast News, that her son was not born holding the contraceptive device.

Reportedly, the device was found behind her placenta, when she gave birth to her son via caesarean section. reported that the mother of the new born explained how her doctors had been unable to remove the implant during her pregnancy and believed it may have fallen out by itself before they discovered it behind her placenta.

The photo of little Dexter Tyler has amassed more than 71,000 shares just after being uploaded on the social media.