Niddhi Agerwal signs a ‘no dating’ clause for ‘Munna Michael

Mumbai,Oct6:In today’s times were we speak of equality and empowering women, this piece of news might come as a jolt. Sounds bizarre but true, actress Niddhi Agerwal who is making her debut opposite Tiger Shroff inMunna Michael, has been asked to sign a no-dating clause until the film is completed. And this no-dating clause will extend beyond the film sets i.e. spilling into her personal life. Munna Michael kickstarted last weekend with Nidhi joining the unit on Saturday.

“I had to read it [the contract] twice over to believe it, but I don’t really have a problem. I understand that the intention is that they want 100 per cent dedication from me. Not like I have a life beyond work in any case. My understanding of it is that the makers have included the clause because dating a co-star has become an easy publicity exercise for production houses. It takes the focus away from the film. Now, I can put my phone away and practice for four hours without worrying about who’s calling me. It is a matter of five-six months and I am okay with it,” Niddhi told a tabloid.

It’s no secret that Tiger is allegedly dating Disha Patani. What happens to him? However, producer Viki Rajani tells us the clause is only for Niddhi while Tiger has been spared. “Tiger is already a star while this is Niddhi’s launch film. She is a bright girl and we don’t want her to get distracted. Sabbir (Khan, director) and I have seen real potential in her and this will do her good,” he says.

When asked that the no-dating clause is unfair to Niddhi and rather sexist, Rajani replied, “It’s not like we made her sign [the contract] at gunpoint. She agreed to it. It’s a big launch. She starts shooting on October 8 and will be done by February.”