No food shortage in Qatar, Aamir confirms in high-level officials’ meet

No food shortage in Qatar, Aamir confirms in high-level officials' meet
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Doha/Qatar, June 7: Qatar in a statement said that the country has no food shortage. Aamir confirmed in a meeting of the high-level officials that there are already enough foodstuffs in Qatar and there are many ways to resolve the food shortages if it arises.

As a precautionary measure, Iran would import adequate amount of foodstuffs from Iran, India and Sri Lanka.

Officials pointed out that in case of an emergency, it is possible to transport food supplies from Iran to Qatar, within a time of twelve hours.

There are reports that many supermarkets in Qatar have been emptied by people because of the fear of food shortages.

The authorities have given an advance warning that people should not collect unnecessary food articles which could lead to a shortage. Forty percent of Qatar’s foodstuffs are coming from Saudi Arabia.

As Saudi Arabia has shut down its entrances to Qatar, hundreds of trucks with foodstuffs are being stuck at the borders.

Meanwhile, Qatar has approached Iran and took necessry actions to take additional foodstuffs to Qatar.