No vets in cattle markets in Hyderabad

No vets in cattle markets in Hyderabad

Hyderabad,May31: With the new rule placed by the central government regarding the sale of cattle, a veterinarian should be present in the cattle market to check whether the animal is in good heath to be sold.

Anita Ramachandran, the district collector of Yadadri told that a vet must visit the market during market days, but due to the Grama Sabhas being organised in villages, vets were not available on the market, DC reported.

“We have directed all veterinary doctors to attend Grama Sabhas to educate farmers on cattle care,” she said.

Uppalapally Samaiah, a farmer from Naginenipally village in Bommala Ramaram mandal, told that farmers do know about the new rules of no slaughter and it will hit the beef export and slaughter markets.

“When the government directed that cows must not be sold to slaughterers, we followed it. But the latest rules will create trouble for farmers as each head of cattle needs feed worth at least Rs 150 per day,” he added.

A Janaiah, a farmer from Medchal, said that the new rules would destroy traditional fairs like Sadar.

“The government says not to colour the animal during Sadar (bull festival), decorated ox during Sankranti,” he said.