North Korea’s Intermediate range ballistic missiles: The latest threat to US from Guam

North Korea's Intermediate range ballistic missiles: The latest threat to US from Guam.

Seoul/ South Korea, August 9: With the intermediate range ballistic missiles, North Korea is planning for striking the US military installations in Guam, said media reports. The US came under threat after its President Donald Trump warned Pyongyang with ‘fire and fury’ on their missile program. The threat is also due to the imposing of new sanctions by UN Security Council over North Korea’s nuclear arsenal.

According to media reports, Yongyang is cautiously planning to fire the areas in Guam with medium-to-long range strategic ballistic rocket named ‘Hwasong-12’. The plan will be finalised and executed in a multi-concurrent way at the very instance of consent given by Kim Jong Un, the supreme commander of nuclear force of the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea).

Trump raised warning after the post given by Washington that officials at Defence Intelligence Agency states that North Korea is equipped with nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery. The progress indicates North Korea to have more established nuclear missile than earlier.

Experts had claimed that it would take around two to three years for North Korea to make a nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). Proving all those calculations wrong, North Korean leader Kim has declared the capability after Pyongyang had tested the two ICBMs.

The findings paved way for the rise in US expressions. Previous authorities were focused on non military solutions. North Korea has made it clear that it won’t stop itself from making the nuclear arsenal, amidst the new sanctions imposed upon by UN.