Not a single notice from Rahul to speak in House: Ananth Kumar

New Delhi, Dec 14 (IANS) Parliamentary Affairs Minister H.N. Ananth Kumar on Wednesday wondered how Rahul Gandhi can claim he is not being allowed to speak in the Lok Sabha when he has not submitted a single notice to the table office of the House.

“There is not a single notice in Rahul Gandhi’s name in the entire session. How can he say he has not been allowed to speak,” Ananth Kumar asked.

As per rules, notices are submitted to the table offices of both Houses every morning seeking the Chair’s permission to raise different issues in the Houses under different rules.

Kumar’s comment came after Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, in a brief press conference, alleged he has proof of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s involvement in corruption, and said he is not being allowed to speak in the Lok Sabha.

“If Rahul Gandhi had something so earth-shaking to disclose, he could have done it on November 16. If it is something that can be said only in the House, all you need is the Speaker’s permission,” Kumar said.

He said that the Congress and some other parties are obstructing majority of the members from speaking.

“Almost three-fourths of the members want parliament to function. These members are also duly elected… They (members) had given notice to speak on AgustaWestland today (Wednesday),” Kumar said.

He also said that the Congress should first explain the sting operation, which showed leaders of the party being involved in exchanging demonetised Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes illegally.

Meanwhile, Kumar thanked the opposition leaders for cooperating in passing the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill, 2014, which expands the list of disabilities from seven to 19, makes accessibility to public buildings, transport and polling stations a mandatory requirement and provides for a national fund for their welfare.