Notes Ban: Government rules out PM’s intervention in Rajya Sabha

New Delhi, Nov 21: Government rules out PM’s intervention in Rajya Sabha on discussion over notes ban.

With turbulence expected over the issue of demonetisation, the Congress has been planning to put pressure on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to show up in the House and address the matter at hand.

Speaking to reporters on Monday morning, Leader of the opposition in the Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge said that an adjournment motion has been passed on this issue and the opposition will be looking to raise the matter of demonetisation in the Parliament unitedly.

“We will start the discussion on the issue and then we are going to insist on the Prime Minister’s presence in the house. We are all against blackmoney, but the Centre’s intention is different regarding demonetisation,” Kharge said.

on Sunday, Bharatiya Janata Party chief Amit Shah turned up the heat on the opposition in a strong move to corner them on the demonetisation debate, saying that opposition parties were climbing “the same tree like rats, cats and snakes to escape the demonetisation flood”, and appealed to the people to help Prime Minister Narendra Modi change the country by giving him 15 years “from panchayat to Parliament”.

The opposition has also called the Centre to form a joint parliamentary committee for probing allegations of prior information on demonetisation being leaked to BJP leaders.