Nothing special in PM’s address to nation: Some simple budget tricks to double cross people

Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

New Delhi, December 31: As decided earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the nation from the national capital.

In his address to the nation, Narendra Modi confirmed the information that the ATM withdrawal limit is increased to Rs. 4500 per day.

These are the important points from the Prime minister’s address to nation.

India has undertaken a historic cleansing drive against black money.

The events after Diwali proves that several crore of our countrymen were waiting for such an initiative, says PM.

I understand the pain and difficulties citizens had to bear in last 50 days.

The pain which the citizens have faced is an example for the generations.

Corruption, Black money, counterfeit currency had crippled the lives of common Indian.

Indians have shown patience and sacrifice to fight black money.

It is a purification drive.

In past the 1000 and the 500 Rupee notes were used to maintain a parallel economy in the country.

Only 24 lakh people have declared that their salary is above Rs. 10 Lakh, is this believable?

Actually excess cash in the economy create more problems than cash crunch.

Thousands of bank employees have worked over time for the last 50 days to tackle the situation.

Terrorism, arms trade, Naxalism and other social evils gain strength with black money.

The Government’s priority is to ensure help and protection for the honest, says PM Narendra Modi.

Now a balance has to be brought between cash in the system and and become cashless.

Under the Prime Minister Awaas yojna, the lower and the middle classes living in cities can avail two new schemes.

It is the job of officials to protect the rights of common man and to isolate the dishonest.

60% interest waive for farmers who were unable to do seed procurement due to demonitisation.

within three months, the Kissan credit cards would be transformed to Rupay credit cards for farmers.

Government would bear the cost of interest by farmers on loans in last sixty days.

In a  national plan for pregnant women, the government will deposit Rs. 6000 directly into the accounts of all pregnant women. The credit guarantee for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises has been increased from Rs. 1 crore to Rs 2 crore.

Prime Minister concludes his address to the nation.