Notice to Delhi government, AAI over failure to rehabilitate Dalits

New Delhi, Jan 23 (IANS) The National Human Rights Commission on Monday issued notice to the Delhi government and the Airports Authority of India (AAI) following reports of families who are yet to be rehabilitated nine years after being evicted during the expansion of Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal-3 (T3).

During the expansion of IGI (T3), 122 Dalit families residing in the Nangal Dewat village of Delhi were ‘forcefully’ evicted. Though as part of rehabilitation, 63 families got alternate accommodations, 59 families are still waiting to be rehabilitated.

“The 59 Dalit families have been facing discrimination due to their caste. One such family, who re-allocated into another locality, was not allowed to cremate their dead as he was a Dalit from a different village. Expenditure on rented accommodation has put on them lot of financial burden in addition to other expenses related to the school fee of children etc,” said a statement from the NHRC.

The commission has issued notice to the Delhi government and the AAI, calling for reports within six weeks on the steps taken — or proposed to be taken — for relief and rehabilitation of these families.

The commission noted that these families have knocked the doors of almost every concerned authority in the Centre and the government of Delhi but to no avail.