Now you can delete Whatsapp messages or recall them after sending them

Now you can delete Whatsapp messages or recall them after sending them

California, June7:Have you ever regretted sending messages on WhatsApp that you weren’t meant to be sent? These messages might have been to your boss, your professors, that sulky colleague or just maybe you were at fault and were not in senses.

However, that damage has been done. Nevertheless, according to Twitter account WABetainfo, that damage, if done recently can be fixed to a certain extent. According to the website which usually tests new features on the messaging app, a ‘recall message’ feature might be close to introduction. WABInfo in an earlier tweet had said that WhatsApp users could soon be able to ‘unsend’ a message within 5 minutes of sending it. The report suggested that the Facebook-owned firm was working on developing a new feature which would allow the user to ‘send’ or ‘edit’ sent messages.

If reports are to be believed, the sent messages would also get removed or edited as per the actions are chosen by the user on this side. WABetainfo had tweeted that the update was spotted in a beta version and will roll out very soon. According to WABetaInfo, the messages sent via WhatsApp Web 0.2.4077 receives a separate ‘Revoke’ button, which on clicking deletes the text but that should be done within 5 minutes. In a recent tweet, it said: “The Recall feature will be remotely enabled in 2.17.30+.” Apparently, the sent text gets deleted from both the phones. It was also reported that the revoke feature works the same way for photos and videos. While it is not yet clear as to when this feature will be made available, it can be expected to get rolled out first for iPhone users.

WhatsApp might be rolling out another change in its features which will enable users to change their numbers within the app itself. If the user changes the number, a notification can be sent to chosen or all contacts about the switch. But the new feature was seen on a Windows device, so it is not clear when it will come on Android or iOS machines.