Now, a Hindi wordgame app for smart devices

New Delhi, May 23:  Aiming to tap regional languages, on Monday announced a free contemporary Hindi wordgame app for smart devices — the first in a series of apps to be soon launched in other Indian languages too.

The Hindi FunKhel app is based on the “shabdkoshish” wordgame, an innovative system developed in 1990s that introduced universal symbols for “maatras” and half consonants and a proper frequency distribution of all letters and symbols based on their popularity in vocabulary — handwritten on wooden tiles and cubes, said in a statement.

“We would like to reach out to the Hindi world across India and many other countries, institutions, schools, teachers, students and professionals to support our efforts to infuse Hindi with a rejuvenating contemporary energy,” said Ashim Ghosh, the inventor of Funkhel.

The app presents all the Hindi symbols — letters, matras and half consonants — with simple clarity, making words quite easy.

Users can make as many words as possible using the given combination of symbols to score points. Words made using all the given symbols get bonus points.

The app comes with the “language assist” feature to translate all instructions and rules to English. It has been designed to work on Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows phones and tablets.

According to the developers, FunKhels in Bangla and Marathi will be launched soon.