Now, live band at Leela’s Cherry Bar

New Delhi, Nov 10 (IANS) The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel here has come up with a live band and interesting cocktails at its Cherry Bar.

The introduction of the live band adds to the spirit of joy to the ambience further enhancing the environment of the bar.

“With the live band, we aim to offer our guests a refined and an enthralling environment,” said the hotel’s General Manager, Jaideep Anand.

“Apart from our in-house guests, we also wanted to provide people residing in the vicinity of our hotel an opportunity to look forward to an eventful evening with great food and beverages without having to travel great distances.”

“To fulfil our vision, our team has reworked their magic and come up with a new menu that offers a variety of exotic cocktails and premium beverages,” he added.

The bar menu now includes two interesting drinks namely — P and G (sweet cocktail) and mint cucumber cooler (dry cocktail).

P and G is a mixology of vodka, pineapple chunks, ginger chunks, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup and mint cucumber cooler is made of gin, cucumber chucks, mint springs, fresh lemon juice and sugar syrup.