NVIDIA unveils new tools for enhanced game graphics

New Delhi, March 1 (IANS) US-based graphics processing units (GPU) manufacturer NVIDIA on Wednesday unveiled “GameWorks DX12”, a new collection of resources for game developers.

It will increase game realism designed using DirectX 12 and Microsoft’s application programming interface (API) that unifies graphics and simulation.

“We have invested over 500 engineering-years of work to deliver the most comprehensive platform for developing DirectX 12 games,” Tony Tamasi, Senior Vice President of Content and Technology at NVIDIA, said in a statement.

“These resources will ensure that GeForce gamers can enjoy the very best game experience on DirectX 12 titles, just as they have on DirectX 11 games,” Tamasi added.

The new resources include updates to the NVIDIA GameWorks software development kit (SDK) for creating interactive cinematic experiences on PC games, updates to the NVIDIA VRWorks SDK for creating immersive virtual reality experiences, new developer tools and a new ‘Game Ready Driver’.

Together, they will provide developers with substantial performance gains, multiple new rendering and simulation effects and capabilities to help create games optimised for DirectX 12.

The latest version of GameWorks builds on the over two million lines of documented code that are available to developers.

GameWorks technologies are currently used in more than 1,000 titles.