Observe the love and dedication by a Mangalore resident for rescuing a stray dog

Mangaluru,Nov4:10-year-old Bitney, a stray dog  is alive today,  because of the efforts of animal lover Pramod, who is known to regularly feed stray animals in Jeppu area of Mangaluru. When he realized that one of his favourites, Bitney, was trapped in a drain on Tuesday, he dedicated over 24 years digging under a thick, strong wall to save her. He even skipped work for the two days.

Elaborating on what happened, Tauseef Ahmed, volunteer, and rescue in-charge Animal Care Trust (ACT), said, “On Tuesday, Suma Nayak, trustee of ACT received a call from Bobby Suvarna who follows ACT activities. She reported that a dog had got stuck in a drain near her house located near Gujjarakere, and asked for help. When I went over to the spot, I noticed people had gathered there.

Pramod along with a friend was digging under a wall. The job was not easy as he was digging under a base that supported a compound wall as well as a wall of a house, and adjacent to that wall was a drain. The wall was thick and the house was just a year old. They had put huge jelly stones for the foundation.”

According to Pramod, when he was feeding the dog around 8.30 pm on Monday, somebody burst crackers, causing the dog to panic and scurry into a narrow drain near the house. The ACT team left in the afternoon hoping that Bitney would come out later. Pramod did not give up. He kept digging till late in the evening before going home. He got back to work early the next day and kept at it till he reached the dog. He then pulled the dog to safety.