Odisha bride killed by in-laws after father failed to deliver Rs 1.70lakh in new Rs500 and Rs2000notes

Bhubaneshwar,Nov29:In Odisha, a newly-married girl was killed by her in-laws in Ganjam district as her father failed to fulfill the dowry rituals of Rs 1.70 lakh through the new currency notes of 500 & 2000, Odisha police said today. This crime took place in a village called Rangipur located in Ganjam. The bride named Prabhati married the bridegroom named Laxmi Nayak, hailing from the same village on November 9, a day after the 500 & 1000 currency notes were demonetized.

The bride’s family had earlier agreed to fulfill the aforementioned amount as cash in the form of dowry on the marriage day. But the girl’s father was not aware of the sudden declaration on demonetization by the Centre. Thus, when he offered Rs 1.70 lakh in old denomination notes, the bridegroom’s family refused to receive the cash. Instead, they demanded the new currency notes within a specified time.

The deceased bride, Prabhati’s parents alleged that her in-laws killed her yesterday as they failed to get the dowry in the form of new notes, according to an India Today report.“Laxmi Nayak and his family killed our daughter just because we were unable to provide the new notes. I want them to be punished,” reacted Prabhati’s mother Kunu Mandal. A case of dowry death has been registered at the Golanthara police station, said inspector-in-charge Alok Jena.