Oklahoma resident proposed to his girlfriend before being arrested and leaving for jail

Oklahoma resident proposed to his girlfriend before being arrested ande leaving for jail

Oklahoma,July11:As far as proposals go, this one sure makes it to the list of the most unique ones. Various versions of a proposal, recorded on a police officer’s body camera, have taken social media by storm – they show a US man, arrested and handcuffed by police, proposing to his girlfriend before leaving for jail.

According to newson6.com, Oklahoma resident Brandon Thompson was being arrested on his birthday on July 4 for six felony warrants. However, moments before leaving his home, he requested police officers to allow him to propose to his girlfriend Leandria Keith. He had apparently planned to propose to her that day and wanted to go ahead with the proposal.

“I didn’t want to part ways with her not showing exactly how I feel for her,” Mr Thompson told CNN. “I want her to be my wife for the rest of my life.”

The officers present on the scene were surprised with Mr Thompson’s request but allowed him to go ahead with the proposal. “It’s just not something that happens everyday, or ever that we know of. But we sincerely hope by us letting him take that moment, it will be a step in the right direction to get his life on track for his future wife and their children,” Officer Lincoln Anderson from the Muskogee Police Department told NDTV.

The video, recorded on K9 Officer Bob Lynch’s body camera, and later posted on YouTube by Officer Anderson shows Mr Thompson going down on his knees while still handcuffed. An overwhelmed Ms Keith can be seen saying ‘yes’.