Om Swami of Bigg Boss fame wants to be the President of India?

Mumbai, June13:Om Swami is controversy’s favorite child. People always make fun of his foolish comments and in spite of being ridiculed, Babaji just doesn’t stop the trend. Remember, how the self proclaimed Godman used to create too many controversies in the Bigg Boss house?

He had even gone to the extent of threatening Salman Khan; even in public talk shows, Om Swami has received a very bad treatment. He has been openly bashed up on live TV numerous times but still, there’s no improvement in him.

Once again, the Baba is back and this time, there’s a twist. Of course, his foolish comments remain the same, but his subject is totally different now. In order to gain publicity, Om Swami has made a shocking revelation.

A video of his is going viral and in that, Om Swami is talking about becoming India’s president. Yes, in this clip, he talks of contesting the country’s presidential elections. The baba is pretty confident about his win in the presidential election.

Haha, watch this video. You’ll also go ROFL;

Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

After becoming president, Om Swami will help us get rid of terrorism issues