The ‘One-Man Show’ Begins; Anti-Trump Slogans echoes in US Streets

Washington DC, Nov 10: After being elected to the office, Donald Trump probably must be the first President to be loathed by Americans in the modern history. Yet he has room to manoeuvre than earlier presidents US. And this is  the reason what’s freaking the citizens most.

Citizens are totally blind on what their newly elected president would act or say in the coming months leaving Americans anxious.

Usually, successful candidates have some similarities of interest with his political allies. However, Trump played totally a different card and his success was fuelled by the saturation of media coverage he generated with his high decibel performances.

If Trump won’t be tied down by large donors, might he instead by hemmed in by the Republican Party? Probably not.

With the biggest win of Trump, the GOP (Grand Old Party/The Republican Party) has a point of  focus. It is not their party chairman Reince Priebus or the speaker  of House Paul Ryan. It  is Donald Trump and he will be playing the  lead role defining  the manifesto of Republican.

Until recently, ambitious young Republicans knew exactly what they had to do to make their way in the GOP: Invoke the memory of Ronald Reagan at every turn, even if you were but a small child when Reagan was in the White House, and make sure everyone in the party knew you were a conservative’s conservative devoted to conservative conservatism.

Witness the careers of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, two 40-somethings who hold different perspectives on policy issues and who have entirely different styles. And yet both men endeavored to convince their fellow Republicans, and particularly Republican donors, that they were Reagan’s Latino heirs. Trump’s victory has almost certainly brought the era of Reagan worship to an end.

Ivanka Trump and her hubby Jared Kushner, the closest aides and the yet unknown faces will  staff the senior roles of  his administration.

Trump has been consistent on one point over the course of his decades long flirtation with national politics: his skepticism about free trade and his commitment to economic nationalism.

On almost everything else, from the tax code to universal health insurance to the size of the military to unauthorized immigration—his signature issue this campaign cycle—he’s taken any number of positions.

Regardless of their political interests, the officials asked to serve  in the Trump administration will have to be very serious in it. This is particularly true of those with national security expertise, but it is not limited to them. America is entering a very uncertain moment, and the new president will need calm voices and steady hands around him.

Protests in US cities

There were peaceful demonstrations on Wednesday night against the Trump victory and the rhetoric employed by the now president-elect during the campaign. Most protesters dispersed in the early hours of Thursday.

In New York city, several thousand people marched from Union Square to Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, blocking streets and prompting police to assemble hasty barricades. At least four arrests were made when marchers were moved on to Trump International Hotel and Tower on Central Park West.

In downtown Chicago, several thousand people marched to that city’s Trump Tower, chanting “Not my president!” and “Our bodies, our choice!”.

Thousands of demonstrators were also reported in Boston, heading from Boston Common to the Massachusetts statehouse.

Other demonstrations have been taking place in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, Portland and Washington DC, where a crowd massed outside a newly opened Trump hotel and others gathered outside the White House.

Smaller marches were reported in St Paul, Minnesota; Richmond, Virginia; Kansas City; Omaha, Nebraska; and Austin, Texas.