One verse at a time: Hijabi Ninja takes down patriarchy

The Fish talks’ and Hijabi Ninja recently garnered attention in the light of Rima Kallingal’s TEDx speech and her fish fry anecdote in particular.

The young woman, well versed in Rhymes is clearly not impressed by how the world is defining her and the womanhood in general. Rabeeha Abdurehim aka Hijabi Ninja, who wanted to do her part, came up with the YouTube channel where she renders rhyming verses to take down bigotry and patriarchy, one YouTube verse at a time.

The intro verse neatly records her rhyming talent to drive home a point
and has already earned her 1.5K/(quite a number of views.)

Verifying her way from the POTUS to PMO and the colloquial ‘kummanadi’ to Hadiya issue of national interest, her another YouTube verse is a pot-pourri of ’17 events well served.

Those offensive questions, remarks and actions that should have turned unacceptable long before but still remain prevalent in our society gets roasted by her witty comebacks.

If wearing a hijab isn’t progressive enough for you, maybe your idea of progression needs to be questioned as well
and a female driver’s licence should definitely not be a mere document to book bus tickets, Hijabi Ninja’s YouTube verses vocalize much more such silenced and ignored dissenting voices.