OnePlus 5 customers, instead of getting the phone get soap and soapbox

OnePlus 5 customers, instead of getting the phone get soap and soapbox

New Delhi,July5:OnePlus 5 is one of the most sought after phones right now. The phone’s popularity could be the reason why it has also seemingly attracted a few scammers. On Amazon India, there are several consumers claiming that when they bought the OnePlus 5, instead of getting the phone they got soap and soap. In another instance, the buyer got the Bharat 2, which is a budget smartphone with price of around Rs 3500 by Micromax, instead of the OnePlus 5.

E-retail consumers getting something else instead of what they ordered is not new. In some cases, people who bought iPhones got a brick, literally a brick, in their delivery packet. But most of the time such instances involve some unknown seller on the e-commerce site. In this case of the OnePlus 5, the whole things seems very weird because the phone is sold by the sellers that are directly managed by Amazon India.

The people who got the soap and the soap boxes and then left the review are verified buyers on Amazon India. This means they indeed purchased the product on which they were leaving a review.

It is also important to note that right now OnePlus 5 is only available in select locations. Online, people can buy it from Amazon India website or from OnePlus India store. In case people want to buy it from offline stores, they have option to visit a OnePlus store — some select cities have some — and get the phone from there. On Amazon, the phone is not sold by any seller not controlled by Amazon India. Also, the OnePlus 5 is right now only available through Amazon Fulfilled, which means the phone that you buy on the e-retail site is already in Amazon warehouse.