OPDPA continues its support to oil palm farmers; appreciates government’s proposal under NMOOP scheme

New Delhi [India], June 5 (ANI): Lauding the government's move on extending further assistance to Oil Palm growers under the NMOOP Scheme, Oil Palm Developers and Processors Association (OPDPA) on Monday announced the proposal of extending assistance for more than 25 ha area per farmer and revision in assistance for oil palm plantations.
OPDPA, which continues its agenda of development of Oil Palm industry in India, is relentlessly focusing on reforms to support oil palm framers from price fluctuations.
"The cabinet's decision to extend subsidy for cultivation of Oil Palm beyond the previously stipulated 25 Ha was a welcome change and should increase area coverage under oil palm across India," said president of Oil Palm Developers and Processors Association (OPDPA), Sanjay Goenka.
Adding to this he said that the upward revision in subsidies for planting materials, maintenance, inter cropping etc., would ensure that the farmers will remain well motivated and remunerated to further plant oil palm in their fields.
He thanked Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh for acting on their representation and for taking the initiative in getting the approval of the cabinet. This decision of the Union Cabinet will aid in covering the 20Lakh Ha area potential that India possess for plantation of Oil Palm.
Coverage of this area will help change the import dynamics of palm oil and save the country's precious foreign exchange. This program adds to the PM's initiative of Make in India.
While this development is extremely progressive, it is imperative that a price stability mechanism be put in place for protecting the Indian Oil Palm farmer from fluctuations in price of the produce.
Currently, the price of the produce is fixed by a scientific formula, derived by the CACP committee, which links the price payable to the farmer to the landed cost of imported palm oil.
There is need for robust MSP framework to be in place, as recommended in the CACP report, to protect the interests of the Oil Palm farmer. OPDPA has already represented the case to the government along with members of the Oil Palm farming community and are confident that the government will consider the request.
A combination of reforms via the approved cabinet note and the request for support against price fluctuations will make the Oil Palm program a huge success in India.
"The oil palm program is of utmost importance to the country as it is a win-win-win situation for the farmers, processors and government. With the success of the Oil Palm program, India can not only suffice its own consumption but also Make in India for the World," added Sanjay Goenka. (ANI)