Opponents questioning poll panel have conceded defeat: Modi

Panaji, Jan 28 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said the parties that have questioned the decision of the country’s poll panel to hold the elections in Punjab and Goa on the same date, have already conceded defeat and were looking for excuses.

Modi said that some parties expressed surprised over Goa and Punjab polls being conducted on the same date — February 4.

Modi said they alleged that Prime Minister’s Office had pressurised the Election Commission to do that.

“That means, they (parties)are readying for defeat. Excuses are being made. If they lose, they will say Election Commission has recommended such dates, that’s why we lost,”

Modi also said that such comments criticising institutions like the Election Commission of India in a democracy would result in people losing faith in the country’s institutions.

“This is a democracy. We have to increase faith in our institution,” he said.