OROP Suicide: Now, VK Singh says veteran was a Congress worker

New Delhi, Nov 03: After questioning retired soldier Ram Kishan Grewal’s ‘mental state’ yesterday, Union minister VK Singh triggered yet another controversy today by saying Grewal was in fact a Congress worker who fought Sarpanch elections on a Congress ticket. Calling the suicide unfortunate, VK Singh said Grewal’s issue was with the bank and not with OROP. “Also, how did he procure Sulpha tablets and who gave it to him?” the minister asked insinuating that Grewal had been coerced into killing himself.
on Wednesday VK Singh said the mental state of the ex-serviceman, who allegedly committed suicide over pension issues, needs to be probed before drawing conclusions.

He has committed suicide. No one knows the reason behind it. Orop (one rank one pension) is being shown as the reason. What his mental state was we do not know. Let it be probed first. Orop should be kept above politics, Singh told reporters, reacting to the death of retired soldier Ram Kishan Grewal.

Former Bihar CM Lalu Prasad Yadav did not mince his words and questioned VK Singh’s mental state.