Our Final goal is to turn India into a theocratic Islamic state, says Popular Front of India activist

Our Final goal is to turn India into a theocratic Islamic state, says Popular Front of India activist

New Delhi, November 1: “Our final goal is to turn India into a theocratic Islamic state through mass conversion and illegal financing”. Says A statement recorded in a sting operation by India Today TV over a conversation with Ahmed Shareef, founder member of Islamic organisation named Popular Front of India, in a hotel.

According to the report, it stated that National Investigation Agency  (NIA) is investigating the activities of the Popular Front of India(PFI), which includes brainwashing Hindu women and making them marry Muslim men.

Ahmed Sheriff, who is also the Associate Editor of ‘Tejas’, a Malayalam daily by PFI, dismisses the allegation on the basis of India Today’s sting operation. Ahmed Sheriff claims that India Today’s report is a fictitious one, as the alleged conversation was with a friend, half year ago, in a hotel in Delhi.

While this allegation persists, Ahmed Sherif explained that what he wrote on his Facebook page about transferring money to native as well as Global Islamic Renaissance was spread in a distorted way, after fitting wrong questions in the matter. In the case of Hawala, it comes to Kerala alike how it reaches the other parts of the country, says Ahmed Sherif. He had also stated that Global Islamic Renaissance was taken globally by the Muslims, as their duty. Ahmed Sherif claims that this Facebook post was interpreted and related to the present controversy.

He also said that legal action will be taken against this report of India Today.

Zainaba, the  Women’s wing chief of Popular Front of India told undercover reporters that systemic conversions are occurring in Kerala.

She also claimed that all these allegations are baseless while responding to accusations that, she ‘mentored’ non-Muslim women into conversions.

Reports say that Zainaba is suspected of playing a key role in what has come to be known as Kerala’s own love jihad case, the marriage between Hadiya, previously known by her Hindu name as Akhila Asokan, with Shafin Jahan a Popular Front Activist.

According to Zainaba, Hadiya’s is not a case of love jihad but purely an arranged marriage.

However, she had already shared the PFI’s dark secrets with India Today TV’s undercover reporters.

The sting operation with Zainaba reveals that how the Popular Front of India and ‘Sathya Sarani’, an Islamic study centre in Kerala’s Malappuram District, carried out massive conversions. In her conversation, Zainaba revealed that, over 10 years about 5,000 people have been converted to Islam.

In the sting operation, Zainaba and her husband revealed that they had a school teacher with them, who was converted to Islam, four years ago.The so-called teacher was said to have MSc in Mathematics and BEd.

The converted woman’s erstwhile name was Shubha, but now she is Fatima.’ Zainaba added.

Zainaba also said that conversion centres have to be disguised as charitable or educational establishments in order to prevent any backlash.