Padmaavat granted U certificate by Pakistan CBFC without any cuts

Padmaavat scripting an entirely different story in Pakistan. According to the reports, Pakistan film board solely welcomed Padmvaat. ”Padmaavat’ has been declared fit for public exhibition in the cinema houses without any excision by Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC),” Mobashir Hasan, chief of certification board told to IANS.

For the certification process, CBFC co-opted Professor Waqar Ali Shah, Chairman, Department of History, Quaid-e-Azam University as per rules and granted U certificate without any cuts.

When asked about the uproar happening around Padmaavat, Hasan told that, “CBFC isn’t biased in arts, creativity, and healthy entertainment.”  A co-opted member has no voting rights. They are for expert opinion,

There were some apprehensions about Alladin Khilji’s portrayal before in Pakistan, but now the authorities have decided to go easy without any cuts.