Padmaavat rampage continues; movie getting good response

While Anti-Padmvat protest by Karni Sena is still continuing on different parts of the country, Padmavat is getting a better response from the theatres.  Actress Deepika Padukone responded to PTI last night that, “I am extremely overwhelmed and emotional right now. I think this film has been through so much. To see that the film is finally releasing and to see the kind of reactions that the film is getting, reactions to my performance, it is extremely overwhelming,”

At the same time, Supreme court to hear on Monday petition seeking contempt action for the violence over Padmavaat despite its order. Cases have been filed in supreme court against Karni Sena members for the contempt of the court. Another petitioner filed a case against four states by citing that they failed to maintain law and order after the apex the court verdict.

Between all these chaos, the movie getting a good response and tight security have put on theatres to defend the attacks.

In Rajasthan shops are being vandalized by protestors and police and fire force are in action to make the scene clear

In Bihar also protestors are attacking theatres and roaming around with swords

In Gujarat, Tight security have arranged in cinema halls